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Care aides and community health workers are also known as health care assistants or HCAs. They are frontline care providers in a variety of institutional and community settings including home support agencies and residential care facilities.

HCAs are an integral part of our health care system in British Columbia (BC), Canada. Patients, residents, clients, and their families are very dependent on an HCA's skills.

To be eligible to work as an HCA in any public health care setting in BC, applicants must be registered with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry.


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HCA Educators in BC

To improve the educational standards of health care assistant programs in British Columbia, the Registry recognizes and lists educational institutions that meet specific program standards.

Protecting the Public

The Registry serves and protects vulnerable patients, residents, and clients receiving care from health care assistants employed by publicly funded facilites. Employers are required to report in writing to the Registry every suspension or termination of an employee for alleged abuse.
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Health Care Assistant Day - October 18

As a result of a collaborative effort by unions, educators, employers, and the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry Advisory Committee, October 18th, 2011 was declared by the provincial government to be the first Health Care Assi... Read more >

The Evolving Role of HCAs in the Long-Term Care and Home and Community Care Sectors in Canada

Human Resources for Health, 2013 (Abstract): Health Care Aides (HCAs) provide up to 80% of the direct care to older Canadians living in long term care facilities, or in their homes. Read more >