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To be eligible to work as a health care assistant (HCA) in any public health care setting in BC, applicants must be registered with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry. Currently, private health care providers may hire HCAs who are not registered, but this may change at any time.


Go to one of the five boxes below that best describes your situation then click on the link to Register Now.

If you have not verified your account within the last year, please contact the Registry for instructions.

Graduate of an HCA Program in BC

Check the list of health care assistant (HCA) programs in British Columbia to see if your school is listed.
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Graduate of an HCA program in Canada

Graduates of a Canadian health care assistant (or equivalent) program offered by educational institutions outside of BC.
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Canadian-licensed LPN, RN, or RPN

Licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, or registered psychiatric nurses licensed to practise in Canada. (Nurses educated outside of Canada and not licensed to practise in Canada must apply as internationally educated health care professionals.)
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Nursing Student in Canada

Students enrolled in nursing programs in Canada may be eligible to register, depending on the amount of training completed.
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Internationally Educated Health Care Professional

Internationally educated health care professionals or graduates of health care assistant programs outside of Canada must reside in BC before their application will be accepted.
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HCA programs in British Columbia

The Registry has compliled a list of educational institutions that are recognized providers of HCA programs in BC.

Health care assistant programs in BC


Employers should ensure that all HCAs that they hire are registered. Employers are also responsible for reporting all cases of alleged abuse to the Registry.

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Educational Institutions

The Registry has put together an HCA program recognition process. This process requires all educational institutions to follow the Health Care Assistant Provincial Curriculum and meet minimum standards for delivery.

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