To improve the educational standards of health care assistant (HCA) programs in British Columbia, the Registry has developed a process for HCA program recognition and lists HCA educational institutions in BC that meet specific program standards.

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The Registry works with educational institutions delivering HCA training programs in BC to ensure that they are:

  • following the BC HCA Program Provincial Curriculum;

  • meeting the minimum prescribed quality standards for program delivery; and

  • graduating competent HCAs who qualify for registration on the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry. 


At a time when HCAs are providing up to 80% of the direct care to older Canadians living in long term care or in their homes, consistency in training and graduate outcomes are essential to the continuity and quality of care. Under the auspices of the Registry, HCA program recognition will ensure that all HCA programs in BC are following the provincial curriculum, implementing a common set of training standards and graduating competent front-line health care providers.
The Registry’s mandate of patient protection and standardized training for care aides and community health workers is part of a wider provincial commitment to improving the quality of seniors care, preventing elder abuse and, ultimately, to achieving the best possible health and safety for all British Columbians.


Inclusion on the “Recognized BC HCA Programs” list confirms program graduates are eligible for registration. The documents listed below provide key information and support educators in ensuring their programs meet provincial standards for HCA education in BC and are compliant with recognition requirements.

Important Note: The HCA Provincial Curriculum Guide (2023) and HCA Program Recognition Guide (2023) are expected to be released in Summer 2023. Educational institutions inquiring about new program recognition are being asked to wait until the updated documents have been released before submitting new program applications. Recognized HCA educators are also advised to wait until the updated documents are released before applying for new HCA program variations and/or making substantive changes to recognized programs.

HCA Program Recognition Guide, 2nd Edition (2018)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

Form A:  New Program Recognition Submission

Form B:  New Location Submission (Recognized Program)

Form C1:  HCA ESL Program Variation Information

Form C2:  HCA Online Program Variation

Form C3:  HCA Video Conference Program Variation

Form O: HCA Program Compliance Report

Framework for Temporary Remote HCA Program Compliance Reassessment

Form H: Health Care Assistant Partnership Pathway (HCA-PP) Delivery Submission

Request for Approval to Offer the Emergency Alternate Community Placement

Framework for Emergency Alternate Community Placement

Template 1: HCA Program Instructor Information

Template 2: HCA Program Staff Information

Template 3: HCA Program Delivery Schedule

Template 4: HCA Practice Education Partner Sites List

Template 5: HCA Program Stakeholder List
HCA Program Minimum Laboratory Equipment Checklist

HCA Program Entry - English Language Competency Requirements

English Language Proficiency Tests Info Sheet

Medication Delivery Guideline

Educator Registration

Educational institutions offering health care assistant programs in BC must register before their program will be considered for recognition by the Registry.
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Ensuring Public Safety

The Registry serves and protects vulnerable patients, residents, and clients receiving care from health care assistants employed by publicly funded facilites. Employers are required to report in writing to the Registry every suspension or termination of an employee for alleged abuse.

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It is a contractual responsibility for publicly funded employers to ensure that all HCAs they are hiring are registered and to report alleged abuse to the Registry.

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To be eligible to work as a health care assistant (HCA) in any public health care setting in BC, applicants must be registered. Currently, private health care providers may hire HCAs who are not registered, but this may change at any time.

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