Graduate of an HCA Program in Canada but outside of BC (or HCA Equivalent)

There are two pathways to registration for Graduates of Health Care Assistant (HCA) Programs* in Canada but outside of BC: the Expedited Pathway for out of province applicants and the HCA Competency Assessment Pathway. Please review the requirements for each pathway to determine the one most suitable for you before you click ‘Apply’.

*Examples of HCA Equivalent Program Names in other Canadian provinces and territories: Health Care Aide (Alberta and Manitoba), Continuing Care Assistant (Saskatchewan), Personal Support Worker (Ontario, New Brunswick and Northwest Territories), Home and Continuing Care Worker (Nunavut), Continuing Care Assistant (Nova Scotia), Resident Care Worker (PEI), Home Support Worker / Personal Care Attendant (Newfoundland & Labrador)

Option 1

Expedited Pathway for Out of Province HCA Applicants

To qualify for this out of province HCA pathway, you must meet the requirements of Category 1 or Category 2 below:

  • Category 1: For out of province applicants who, in addition to their Canadian HCA Program or equivalent credential, can provide proof of recent out of province HCA work experience (1125 practice hours in the last 3 years or 450 practice hours in the last year), and obtain a satisfactory HCA Nurse Manager Competency Reference Form (a satisfactory reference will indicate that all competencies have been met) from a previous or current out of province nurse supervisor who has supervised the applicant within the last three years.


  • Category 2: For out of province applicants who graduated from a Canadian HCA education or equivalent program in the last two years, who do not have enough out of province practice hours to qualify for Category 1, and can obtain a satisfactory HCA Clinical Instructor Competency Reference Form from their clinical instructor (nurse who supervised and evaluated them during clinical practice). A satisfactory competency reference is one that indicates all competencies have been met.


DISCLAIMER: At any time in the process, should you choose to take the HCA Competency Assessment, this pathway is available as an option.

Option 2

HCA Competency Assessment Pathway

  • For applicants who DO NOT meet the requirements of the Expedited Pathway


  • For applicants who choose the Competency Assessment Pathway over the Out of Province Expedited Pathway