Role and Mandate

The role and mandate of the Registry is:

To protect vulnerable patients, residents and clients

To provide a database of credentialed* (“registered”) care aides and community health workers who are eligible for employment in publicly funded organizations and settings.

To create a common process for employers in reporting and investigating patient, resident and client abuse complaints.

To suspend from the Registry, and/or remove from the Registry after the completion of the appeal process, any care aides or community health workers who have been terminated by the employer for patient, resident or client abuse. The definition of “abuse” for these purposes is the same as the definition set out in the Residential Care Regulation part 5, division 2, section 52 (1) (a) of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act that states “A licensee must ensure that a person in care is not, while under the care or supervision of the licensee, subjected to

(a) financial abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect as those terms are defined in section 1 of Schedule D, or

(b) deprivation of food or fluids as a form of punishment.”

To establish and improve standards of care in the care aide and community health worker occupations.

  • To establish a standard, provincially mandated Health Care Assistant Training Program and ensure that all future care aides and community health workers complete this program or an equally recognized program.
  • To communicate the BC Health Care Assistant Provincial Curriculum, including communication to supervisors and team leaders

To promote professional development for care aides and community health workers and to assist these workers in identifying career opportunities.

To provide easy access, via the Registry website, on the following:

* It is important for employers to confirm educational credentials and recent work experience prior to hiring applicants who are registered care aides. The Registry has been implemented in a phased approach and not all registrants hold a relevant education credential and/or have recent, relevant work experience.